Rocket Bracket Saves
Time & Money

Created by a Contractor for Contractors

Rick has been in the building trade for 45 years. From learning building trade from his father to building custom homes in New England and into the Southwest, he knows construction. Rocket Brackets save time and material cost and the simplified design makes it easy for the less experienced tradesman to install with ease.

Made in the U.S.A.

Made in the U.S.A. and sold in the U.S.A. 'Nuff said.

Save Time

Stem wall setup takes half the time compared to traditional methods

Strong & Long Lasting

Made with extremely strong & durable reinforced nylon

Ensures Structural Integrity

The entire structure will be of uniform quality and built to last

Two Man Operation

As few as 2 men can do stem walls with Rocket Brackets

Several Applications

Do 8 inch stem walls, block walls and deep footing applications

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Why Rocket Brackets?

100% Guarantee

Our Rocket Brackets are sturdy and dependable, We guarantee you'll be more than satisfied with the first use

Completely Reuseable

Rocket Brackets are reusable many times over. Use, remove, rinse and repeat! The brackets pay for themselves after 1 job!

Valuable, Affordable Tool

At $300 per case of 20 pieces ($15 each bracket) they are truly an affordable option that will make your jobs run smoother.

Use Cases

Stem Wall Construction

For a stem wall, brackets are to be spaced at 4 foot intervals with J bolts. Make sure to account for corners that may need an extra bracket.

Block Wall Construction

For block wall construction, brackets are to be spaced at 3 foot intervals with rebar inserted. There will need to be an extra at the corners.

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