Design Features

Rocket Bracket design

Made in the USA.   Sold in the USA.

Rocket Bracket – 7 years of development. The idea was tested in the construction of 5 houses and several garages, and the results were amazing. The design of the rocket bracket today is a result of all the knowledge that was gained in those buildings.
Manufactured with reinforced nylon to be strong and long lasting.

Stem walls do not have to be a tedious process. Two men, using Rocket Brackets, can do the entire set up in half the time that it takes it for the traditional method. Plus, by using the rocket bracket, the whole structure will be of uniform quality.

Block walls need to be straight and vertical to do the job they’re intended for.  Rocket Bracket ensures that this will be the case.

Rocket Brackets are 100% made in America

See Rocket Bracket in Action